Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO: 50 Indispensable Tips to Help You Stay Afloat, Bounce Back, and Get Ahead at Work

Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO: 50 Indispensable Tips to Help You Stay Afloat, Bounce Back, and Get Ahead at Work
Publisher: Career Press
Published: 12/21/2015
Education plus experience once guaranteed a successful career, but no more! Today, success depends on your ability to adapt. You must be agile, willing to adjust your professional expectations, and able to respond quickly to opportunities and threats.

Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO by Beverly E. Jones

Key Points

In the past, having a career meant working for the same employer for many years, but in today’s world, things have changed. There is more instability in employment than ever before. That is why than ever before, it’s important to become resilient and flexible to change. It’s important to think like an entrepreneur and act like a CEO.

It’s important to create your own plan for success. On your first day of work, figure out what your boss wants. You are the CEO of your own career. Keep an eye on your schedule. Figure out how your boss communicates and how to make him happy. Set realistic goals and prioritize to complete these goals. Spend 4-6 weeks heavily focused on succeeding at your new job. Make sure you manage the stress well.

Large organizations are a collection of small outfits that thrive when individualizing employees cultivate entrepreneurial kindness. It’s important to be an intrapreneur and take responsibility for what needs to be accomplished. You should try to cultivate a get-up and go personality. Understand what your organization is trying to do. What are the basic functions of the business? Understand the roles of marketing, sales, humans resources, and public affairs. Focus on your customers, your coworkers, and your boss. What do they need and how do they think? More importantly, don’t be afraid to fail. Try a tennis class if you don’t know how to play tennis. Learn from your mistakes.

Act like a CEO to succeed in your career. When it comes to rejection, it is easy to take that the wrong way. Don’t be angry. Instead, keep a gratitude journal. Stay professional and grateful. Not only, will that lessen your anxiety but it will give you a better perspective. For example, when James was rejected from his dream job, he thanked the people involved with the hiring process, and they helped him find another job!

When it comes to your career and life, change will happen. It’s important to think like a CEO and be prepared for this change. Focus on the big picture. Try your best to understand your industry and what affects it. How does the market work? What are the regulatory frameworks? What political changes can affect your industry and which ones are coming? Stay present and focus on the current challenge. Always try to make sure your personal life doesn’t go out of balance. Make sure you make the right financial decisions. For example, keep an emergency fund in case things go wrong. Having a side business is a good way to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. Having a side business gives you a fresh outlook on your main job.

It’s common for people who receive praise to brush it off. However, that could cause commenters to devalue your work. Instead of brushing off comments, accept them gracefully. Say thank you and acknowledge those who helped you with the work including the person who is giving you the compliment, if that is the case that they helped you with the work. Make sure not to prolong the exchange.

The author discusses her sugar grain process of tacking career changes. If you want to make changes to your career, first visualize the change you want. What are the changes you’d like to see? What are the pros and cons of your current situation? What are your goals? What steps or "sugar grains" should you take to get there? Set the right pace. Do you want to get there in a week? A year? Finally, make sure to record your progress. That may lead to more steps to take.

On your way out of the door, make sure to behave like a CEO. Say you get fired for any reason, always leave a good impression. Be careful about what you say. Don’t be too frank. Be considerate of other people’s feelings. Leave your work nicely. Thank people in an honest way. Write handwritten notes and even think about making personal visits. Stay in contact with people. When it comes to your career, making a positive lasting impression is key.

The Main Take-away

When it comes to your career, you will experience many changes. It’s important to be flexible and adaptable to change. An entrepreneurial mindset and CEO resolve will help stay successful especially when going through tough career changes.

About the Author

Beverly Jones is a writer, led university programs for women, and worked as a Fortune 500 energy executive. She is a professional mentor to other professionals. She is an executive coach and leadership consultant, helping people with their careers. She is also a renowned speaker. She lives in Rappahannock County, Virginia with her husband, former Washington Post ombudsman, and their two dogs.


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